Listen to In Rounds here.

"That an album can inspire such vivid imagery and impressions in this era abounding in social dread is among its strongest attributes, and makes it an important document of this zeitgeist." - PopMatters

"In Rounds is a grower: it takes a few passes before its mysteries begin to open up. But once you’ve started untangling them, you’ll never want to stop." - Bandcamp Daily Essential Releases

“If you dig anything from classic ’90s indie to newer stuff like Car Seat Headrest and Courtney Barnett, there’s a good chance you’ll dig this too.” – Brooklyn Vegan

Campdogzz capture the bleak yet spirited heart of the industrial midwest in a five-piece band propelled by driving rhythms, insistent dual guitars set in intriguing arrangements, and the haunting, evocative songs and voice of Tulsa native Jess Price. In a moment, Jess turns a beguiling melody to a darkening storm, rich in portent and meaning.

Campdogzz have earned a devoted following in Chicago and the midwest, with a line-up that has solidified into a potent live band featuring Jess Price (lead vocals, guitar and keyboard); Mike Russell (guitar and backup vocals); Nick Enderle (guitar); Andrew Rolfsen (bass); and Chris Dye (drums). In addition to their own headlining shows and tours (until recently conveyed by a school bus rigged for self-sufficient touring and camping; if you don’t know where to get the best falafel in every American city, you are definitely not a Campdog), the band has opened for Big Thief, Sam Evian, Ohmme, Tim Kasher and others. They were recently seen in the first season of the Netflix series, Easy, recorded a popular Audiotree live video session, and self-released “Riders in the Hills of Dying Heaven” in 2015. That early recording has been streamed nearly 2 million times. Now, Campdogzz are poised to come aggravate your blues, bang your head, and remind you where you are on the long road away from home.